It always happens when your Internet is not stable. Here are a few steps that you need to follow.
Step 1. Go to settings at the bottom menu.
Step 2. Click on Clear space and do clear now then return.
Step 3. Repeat the step 2.
Step 4. Now go to PlusTv Premium and Load it.
Step 5. Click Menu button on remote and press exit.
Step 6. Final Step, Click on PlusTv Premium again. You should be able to see the Channel list.
Simply restart your box fix most of problems.
Reduce sharpeness of your TV (sony, LG, Samsung etc) setting to zero and adjust contrast and brightness may improve picture quality. To adjust setting using your TV remote. Please check HDMI Settings.
Simply click the menu button on remote and go to PlusTv Media Player and select IJK Player.
Note: In order to do this, you must be in the PlusTv premium.
That is a standby Mode so simply click the Menu button on remote and press Exit.
The PlusTV Box automatically update your firmware if it available by a prompt message to upgrade to latest firmware.
Sometimes the format of the movie is not compatible with the Media player. Just a few steps that need to followed.
Step 1. When you are in the PlusTv Premium just click the Menu Button on the remote.
Step 2. Go to PlusTv Media Player and Select External Player.
Step 3. Go to movie that did not have any Audio before, you will see a small window on your TV screen. Please double click on the MX player. You should be able to get the Audio now.

Note: Please keep in mind This player is only recommended when there is no Audio in a particular movie. At other times you must have the Mediaplayer set to IJK Player.

PlusTVBox run on internet and consume high bandwidth. 99% of time problem is due to your internet. Follow step to check your internet speed

  • Please check your internet speed ( and should be more than 4Mbps stable speed.
  • Most of time internet problem fixed by just switch off your modem/router for 1 minute and then restart back or reset your modem
  • If your device not getting enough speed, then pleases contact your internet provider.